Library Mission

    Skyline Vista is committed to fostering lifelong learning through inquiry, exploration, and self expression, to develop independent learners who participate responsibly in our diverse and changing world.

    • No food, drinks or gum is allowed. 
    • Your voice should never be louder than a whisper. 
    • Push your chair in when you get up, even if you’re just getting up for a minute or two.
    •  Don’t guess!  Please put the books back neatly!
    Overdue Books
    Students with overdue books will be given 1 verbal reminder and 1 written reminder.  If the overdue book is not returned, the student will speak with the librarian to determine next step. 
    The resources below also appear on our school home page under 'Short Cuts'.  Please use those links to go to any of these websites.  If you should have questions or problems, please contact the librarian.  
    1. World Book Online
    2. IXL Math/Language Arts
    3. Typing Agent.
    4. Raz Kids 
    5. Destiny Library Catalog system
    6. Capstone-My Library