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Hidden Lake High School

Achieving Excellence


“The only thing that is constant is change.” - Heraclitus of Ephesus 

Using the Edgenuity webserver curriculum, Learners are to complete all scored assessments with 80% or better. Learners can redo these scored items to achieve these scores after taking additional notes and doing additional practice. This applies to Learners taking the class for initial credit or course recovery credit. Some of the classes have problem/project-based learning assessments and essays to complete.
WVA Course Completion Survey  a must do for the online learner!
E-PORTFOLIO Creation (CAPSTONE PROJECT for HLHS and WVA): Go to your Google account and select Sites. Browse for a suitable template to create and then modify to fulfill the criteria for your e-Portfolio website as found in the Empower activities for Academic Enrichment and/or Basic Computers.
Infinite Campus Student Access
Username: Student ID Number
Password: Lower case initials of  first and last names, two digit birth month, two digit birthday, two digit birth year...no spaces.
Edgenuity Logon:
www.edgenuity.com (website address)
Name: W Door-Secure, Student ID: 55443322
WDoorSecure55443322 (First initial, complete last name, student ID)
WD55443322 (First initials of first name and last name, student ID)
Google Account Logon:
Google.com Sign In
WDoorSecure20@studentwps.org (WPS username)
WPS Password for computers
Communication Information:
WVA Office Phone: 720.542.5272                                              7:30 AM to 3:30 PM
WVA Computer Lab Desk Phone: 720.542.5262                        7:30 AM to 4:30 PM
HLHS/After Hours Computer Lab Desk Phone: 720.542.5262    8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Kelly "Doc" Garcia / Bill "Gramps"  Lester 720.542.5262
Lunch: 11:45 AM to 12:15 PM (Phones set-up for messages) 
WVA Instructional Assistant:
Susan Lile              slile@westminsterpublicschools.org         720.542.5272 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM   
Lunch: 12:00 PM to 12:45 PM (Phones set-up for messages)  
720.542.5262 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM when school is in session
  • Announcements on Edgenuity Website 
  • Progress Reports weekly to parent email address; Learners can always show parents their progress
  • Attendance phone calls and emails 
  • Initial Course customization
  • Learner-Centered around WPS CBS Core Values
  • Discovery principles & actions applied in the onsite environment.
After Hours at HLHS (720.542.5262, 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM when school is in session (Mon, Tue, Weds, Thu, & Fri).
     Bill "Gramps" Lester - Mathematics, Science, Technology, & Electives (As Needed)
     Kelly "Doc" Garcia - English/Language Arts, Social Studies, & Electives (Mon - Fri)
     Mark Belnay - English/Language Arts & Social Studies (Fri)
     Zoe Driver - English Language Arts (Tue)
     Evan Feldman - Science (Thu)
     Michele Hart - Science (Thu)
     Nicole Hurd - English/Language Arts (Tue)
     Julie Mitchell - Art and English/Language Arts (Wed)
     Kelly Mitchelll - Social Studies & PE (Wed/Fri)
     Trina Northcott - Mathematics (Mon)
     Chris Sekera - Technology (Wed)
     Craig Sherman - Mathematics (Mon)
     Robin Walcott - Social Studies (Fri)
Course Recovery Program at WHS, Coordinator:
     Peter Rainey - WHS Assistant Principal - prainey@westminsterpublicschools.org 
 Online Attendance Monitoring
  • Westminster Virtual Academy: We regularly use classroom attendance as our means of recording your attendance in Infinite Campus. Edgenuity provides session logs for each individual learner as additional proof of attendance/participation in the online program - onsite and offsite. We also review Progress Reports.
  •  After Hours: We regularly use Edgenuity Session Logs. Edgenuity provides session logs (date, logon time, logout time, duration, class assignment completions) - onsite and offsite. The session logs are a measure of your commitment to the program. We also review Progress Reports.
Westminster Virtual Academy Handbook - Purposes, Policy, Opportunities, and Information
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