•   Multicultural Ambassadors of Peace / Gay Straight Alliance

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    MAP/GSA Information
    >Maintaining a focus on academic success, post-secondary readiness
        and political action
    >Appreciating peace and celebrating diversity
    >Promoting leadership, service learning and community outreach

    Students of all cultures are welcome!
    Thursdays @ 2:30 in the Westy Library.
     Snacks Provided!

    ¡Estudiantes de TODAS las culturas son bienvenidos!

    Jueves a las 2:30pm en el salón D101 (biblioteca)

             ¡Habrá botanas!
    Les étudiants de toutes les cultures sont les bienvenues !
    Jeudi @ 2:30 dans la salle D101 (Bibliothèque)
    collations fournies!
    Cuộc họp  
    Sinh viên của tất cả các nền văn hoá được chào đón! 
    Thứ 5 @ 2:30 trong Westsy Library 
    Đồ ăn nhẹ được cung cấp 

    Calendar of Events
    •  February/March - Kindness Tree
    •  April -  Kindness Tree and District Art Show

     MAP/GSA focuses on:
    • Suicide Awareness and Prevention
    • LGBTQ
    • DREAMers
    • Multiculturalism
     Sponsors: Ms. Blankenship, Ms Francisco, Ms Gilbert, Mr Russo

    Congratulations to our 2017 scholarship winner, Nancy Lau!