Shared Vision

  • John E. Flynn A Marzano Academy is a school of choice created around the innovative vision of Dr. Robert Marzano where highly-trained teachers and staff deliver a quality education focused on academics and the development of social and emotional skills to prepare students to live productive, fulfilling lives. Flynn is the flagship school for the national Marzano Academies network and the instructional laboratory school for Westminster Public Schools. The Marzano Academies’ school design is based on Dr. Marzano’s 45 years of educational research and reimagines what a school should look like. Every student at Flynn is encouraged to explore his or her curiosities through academic inquiry with the goal of becoming future world-class authors, mathematicians, scientists, historians, artists, athletes, musicians and educators.

    Marzano Academies include the following elements: competency-based education, a personalized, focused curriculum involving the critical concepts in mathematics, science and the English language arts, direct instruction in cognitive and meta-cognitive skills, personalized projects each year for every student, a high engagement emphasis and a focus on student inspiration and self-agency. 


    To ensure that all students become academically proficient, productive members of society, who experience joy and satisfaction in life and strive to create a world where all have access to these outcomes. 



    To be an innovative high-reliability school where all students develop into successful learners.




    Flynn seeks to become the best public school in America.