• Senior Year Planning
    Register for the SAT if you are considering college - see your counselor
    Finalize list of schools to which you'll apply
    Research your choices on the internet or the counseling office
    Download all applications for the college to which you'll apply
    Check out the "Common Application"  
    get your applications in order by creating files for your target schools.  List application requirements and deadlines for each.
    Begin working on the application process
    Complete the student profile before requesting letter of recommendation. Make additional copies for each person writing a letter of recommendation.
    Arrange for teachers to write recommendation as needed.
    See your counselor to discuss your plans after graduation
    Finalize your required essay if you are applying to selective schools and have it proofread!
    request an official transcript from the Registrar in the Main Office
    Discuss college costs with your parents
    Apply for Financial aid
    Apply for scholarships (see Scholarships page)
    Send "thank you" notes to those who wrote recommendations for you
    Complete the College Opportunity Fund (COF) at www.collegeincolorado.org
    Pick up financial aid worksheets and directions for filing out the FAFSA; submit as soon after January 1st as possible
    Expect to be notified by all colleges and universities by mid-April