•  Electives At Shaw Heights Middle School 


    Physical Education At Shaw Heights  

    Our Physical Education program here at Shaw Heights is an extremely dynamic program that has a major emphasis on fitness. Shaw Heights is the home of Shaw Heights CrossFit. Mr. Sanner holds the title of level 1 and kids CrossFit trainer. Our program involves numerous CrossFit aspects and students will learn the fundamental movements. Each individual student will learn and apply principles of nutrition, fitness, and wellness. We will also introduce students to the fundamental skills and strategies required for team and individual sports. We put a huge emphasis on hard work, playing hard, and having fun!



    Music at Shaw Heights Middle School                          


    Choral Program
    The choir program at Shaw Heights Middle School offers a variety of concerts and community events you can attend throughout the year. We start with our annual Celebration Across the Continents; a night of food and crafts, featuring folk music from around the world performed by the Shaw Heights choirs. In the winter we have a traditional Holiday concert highlighting all Holiday traditions from around the world as well as some classical choral pieces. Join us in February for our district middle school choir festival. This festival combines the level 8 choirs from Scott Carpenter Middle School, Shaw Heights Middle School and Ranum Middle School. The guest clinician conducts our festival choir at a nighttime performance in the beautiful Ranum auditorium. Finally, Shaw Heights Middle School offers a variety of spring performances, ranging from Pops concerts and Music of the Stage and Screen to Broadway Jr productions of Into the Woods and Disney’s the Lion King.