Grant Fiscal Management

    Welcome to the Westminster Public Schools Grants Fiscal Management Office

    The Grants Fiscal Management Office ensures that State and Federal grant funds are administered in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws, regulations, EDGAR, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) circulars, and specific grant terms and conditions. We also provide support and technical assistance to grant managers regarding Single Assurance requirements, budgets, expenditure reports, fiscal reporting and funding projections.  Our office staff is skilled in the areas of grant compliance and budget management, and will help you ensure that your grant dollars flow smoothly through your program.

    In support of Westminster Public Schools strategic plan, our office exists to provide assistance in the pursuit of special efforts and academic activity that can strategically enrich the district's education and service endeavors, such as infrastructure, instructional programs, community service projects and professional development.

    WPS actively seeks financial support from appropriate government and private grant-makers that will advance the district’s mission, vision, goals, strategies and focal areas.

    In General:
    Grant funds are used to supplement regular tax-based sources of funding for public schools, not to supplant them. In other words, we use grants to improve and expand basic education, not to fund it.
    To Apply for a Grant
    Please visit the Grants - Office of Federal and State Grants webpage for information on how apply for a grant and additional resources
     General Roles and Responsibilities
       • Pre-award budget submission approval
       • Accounting and audit reports
       • Payroll Distribution
       • Create grant budgets in I-Visions accounting system
       • Provide all necessary authorizations and I-Visions support
       • Assist with vouchering and provide financial reporting to the sponsors
       • Identify and deposit receipts from sponsors to the proper accounts
       • Approve all fund transfers and correcting journal entries
       • Respond to questions and problems from staff relating to the accounting of grant-funded projects
       • Receive notifications of funding
       • Collaborate with budget managers and support staff to ensure compliance with federal,
         state and local policies and procedures
       • Develop district's fiscal grant procedures and policies
       • Review continuing award documents for accuracy and compliance with Funding Agency and
         Federal guidelines
       • Research and implement best practices
       • Annual financial reports
       • Assist with necessary budget revisions, fund requests, and generate reports needed to meet the
         requirements of the district and the funding agency
    Federal Uniform Guidance

    The Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has issued consolidated and revised regulations pertaining to federal awards (Uniform Guidance), which took effect December 26, 2014.  These regulations supersede Circulars A-21, A-110, and A-133.

    Procurement Standards

    Uniform Guidance provisions involving Procurement Standards will go into effect for WPS July 1, 2017.

    Who to Contact
     Tammy Bruntz  |  720-542-5007
Last Modified on April 14, 2017