• Welcome to Ranum Library

    Monday – Friday, 8:15-4:15


    Library Mission

    Ranum is committed to fostering lifelong learning through inquiry, exploration, and self expression, to develop independent learners who participate responsibly in our diverse and changing world.


    Library Policy

    Ø  You may only enter and exit the library through the east doors.


    Ø  If you come to the library without a teacher, you need to sign in on the Sign In Sheet on the Book Check Out counter.  When you go back to class, cross your name off.  This is absolutely necessary for safety purposes.  If you need to leave the library for just a few minutes, ask, then write your name and where you are going on the Sign Out Sheet to the left of Ms. Mac’s Picks.  Take the pass and cross off your name when you return.


    Ø  In order to check out a book or use a computer, you must have your I.D. and no overdue books.


    Ø  You can only use the computers for schoolwork.  If you want to print something, ask us.  If you print without permission, you will not be able to print for the rest of the year.  If you want to print a picture, you need to write a citation for it first.


    Ø  Your voice should never be louder than a whisper.


    Ø  No food, pop, or gum is allowed - water in clear plastic bottles only.


    Ø  Push your chair in when you get up, even if you’re just getting up for a minute or two.


    Ø  When you look at a book, place a shelf marker where you took it from so you know where to put it back if you don’t check it out.  If the shelf marker falls out or someone took it by mistake, please ask us to show you where the book goes.  Don’t guess!  Please put the books back neatly, towards the front of the shelves, inside the bookends, and standing tall.