• Choosing Books

    Ø  When you look for a book, make sure it’s at your level.  If it’s too low, you won’t learn much and it’ll probably bore you.  If it’s too high, you’ll get frustrated and toss it aside before learning anything.  Ask your teachers what your lexile level is, then check the lexile level of the book you’re looking at. 


    Ø  If you don’t know your lexile level, you can still quickly find out if a book is right for you.  Open it up to any page.  Read the whole page.  When you come across a word you don’t know, hold up a finger.  If you’re holding up all four fingers and your thumb when you finish, the book is probably too difficult.  If you aren’t holding up any fingers, the book is probably too easy.


    Ø  Check out the book site links below.  They have suggestions and reviews that can help you find a book you’ll love.


    Finding Books

    Ø  Use the Library Catalog link to the left to find what you’re looking for.  Click on Ranum, and then on Catalog in the upper left, type in what you’re looking for, and click on the Keyword button.


    Ø  When you find what you’re looking for in the catalog, look to the right of the title to see if it’s available.  If it is, look to the right of the little red book icon.  That’s the call number, the book’s address in the library.  Write it and the title of the book on a small piece of paper and take it with you when you go look for the book.  Don’t forget to take a shelf marker too. 

    - The first part of the call number tells you which side of the library the book is on.

                            - You’ll find these on the east side of the library:

    F – Fiction

                                        SC – Story Collection

                                        E – Everybody Books

                            - You’ll find these on the west side of the library:

                                        000-999 – Non-fiction

                                        R – Reference

    - The second part of the call number tells you the first three letters of the author’s last name, so you can find the exact book you’re looking for.


    Can’t Find What You Want?

    Ø  If there’s something you want that is already checked out, click on Destiny Quest on the left and Log in at the top of the page using the same Username and Password you use to log on to the computer.  Type in what you’re looking for.  If it says Out or Ask, click on the book and then click on Hold.


    Ø  If there is a book we don’t have, that you would like us to buy for the library, please write down the title and author on the Book Request list located on the clipboard to the right of the computer on the Book Check Out counter.         


    Check Out and Check In

    Ø  Student I.D.s are required for check out and computer use.  Materials are checked out for two weeks - two items per student.  After two weeks, you may return it or renew it – if it isn’t on hold for another student. 


    Ø  If you have an overdue book, you will not be allowed to check out another or use a computer until it is returned, renewed, or paid for.  


    Ø  Put materials you are returning to the library in the Book Return slot under the Book Check Out counter.  Only materials that you have checked out should be put in the Book Return slot.

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