WPS Student Conduct Code

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    Welcome students and families to Westminster Public Schools, Where Education is Personal. Our goal is to provide a safe learning environment for all our students in order to maximize individual performance throughout the school year.

    Each year Student Services updates the Student Conduct Code and Notification of Student and Family Rights and Responsibilities (Manual de Derechos y Responsabilidades en Españoland distributes it to all students and their families through our schools. The policies on student conduct are outlined in the handbook, and information provided can help parents and students understand the rules of our district and what happens if they are broken.

    We want students and parents to have confidence that our schools are safe and disciplined and that the environment is conducive to learning. Effective schools have rules and standards of behavior that are reasonable, understood by all, and consistently enforced. Included in this handbook is information on:

    • Basic student and parent rights
    • Equal educational opportunities
    • Post-secondary enrollment options
    • Access to student records
    • Student discipline code
    • Suspension and expulsion procedures

    In addition to this publication, each school in WPS has their own handbook of rules that establish individual school expectations. The two documents together establish a district Student Code of Conduct. Students and families are encouraged to use both handbooks as a frame of reference to address any issues and concerns you may have. For questions, please contact your school's administration or the WPS Student Services Team.

    Student Services aims to provide each student the skills and opportunities to improve their behavior in school. Through educational classes, individual case management and alternative programs, the goal is to reduce the amount of time out of the classroom while still holding the student accountable for his/her choices and behavior.

    Students, staff, parents and community members in Westminster Public Schools have created a standard of practice as it relates to teaching and managing behavior called the Discipline Matrix. The information found in the matrix is intended to be a guide for staff members to teach and correct behavior. Lesser management strategies may be utilized as appropriate. Repeated acts of misconduct, more serious misconduct and/or extenuating circumstances may warrant a higher-level response.  If you have specific questions regarding the matrix feel free to contact the Student Services at 720-542-5097.

    Discipline Matrix (ENG)
    Discipline Matrix (SPAN)