• Welcome to the Shaw Heights Library 
    Library Mission
    Shaw Heights Library is committed to fostering lifelong learning through inquiry, exploration, and self expression, to develop independent learners who participate responsibly in our diverse and changing world.

    Library Policy

    ·         Students can check out two books at a time.

    ·         Students must have a student ID card to check out or renew a book.

    ·         Books are checked out for two weeks at a time; magazines are checked out for one week at a time.       

    ·         A student may not check out a book or computer if he/she has an overdue book.

    ·         Students must have a student ID card to check out a computer.

    ·         Computers are for academic purposes only.  If you want to print something, please ask first. If you want to print picture you          need to write a citation for it first.

    ·         Books need to be returned or renewed by the due date.


    Overdue Books

    ·         If a book is overdue the student receives two warnings.  A lunch detention is assigned on the second warning if the student has not returned or renewed the book yet.

    ·         If a student pays $1.00 towards the cost of his/her overdue/lost book, she/he will not serve detention for that day. 

    ·         If the book is returned, all money is refunded

    ·         Lunch detentions days for overdue/lost books are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week

    ·         If a student is unable to pay for his/her lost book, then he/she can work off the cost of the book cleaning tables in the library for $1.00 a day or $2.00 a day cleaning the lunch tables after lunch.  The student will perform this service until the cost of the book is paid off.

    Ø To find out what books you have checked out, log into the Destiny Library Catalog and click on the My Info tab.


    Ø Please do not bring food or soda into the library.  Water is allowed.