• Shaw Heights Middle School Counseling Office 

    Shaw Heights' Counseling Program provides students with skills needed to achieve, grow and become active citizens and life-long learners.

    Shaw Heights' Counselors follow the American School Counselors Association's Ethical Standard for school counselors. In following this standard our counselor's keep information confidential, unless the student talks about hurting him/herself; and/or reveals information that by law the counselors need to disclose to legal authorities and/or parents/guardians.
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  • Mathis
    Naomi Mathis 
    Office 720-542-5527
    All 7th grade students 
    8th grade A-L
  • Rivera

    Jamie Rivera
    All 6th grade students 
    8th grade M-Z
  •  Academic Interventions
    • Individual meeting with students- Counselors meet with the student to assist him or her in determining what is interfering with his or her academic success.
    • Daily/Weekly Progress Report- Student completes daily report from each class; parents/guardians review at night. These contracts help the student focus on class work and behavioral expectations.
    • Study Skills- individual and/or small group(s) work on developing study and test-taking skills
    • Learning Target Recovery- One year below grade level math students that are teacher recommended work on re-doing assignments to proficiency. 



    • Middle school students are provided with classroom curriculum that addresses the world of work.
    • 8th graders are provided with additional experience includes online career interest surveys, participation in the Adams county Education Consortium's Career Expo and practice with job interviewing.


       Individual and Group Counseling

    • Individual counseling is a personal and private interaction in which the counselor gives the student maximum privacy in which to freely explore ideas, feelings, and behavior.
    • The counselor and the student work together to create goals and practice problem-solving and decision-making skills. Individual counseling sessions are based on referrals from parents, teachers, and students.
    • In many instances, several students experience the same issues and concerns. Small groups are formed to help the students find ways to problem solve or cope with the particular issue. Permission slips from parents are required for group participation. Groups include, but are not limited to: divorce, grief, study skills, girls' issues and boys' issues.


    Parent & Guardian Resources

    • Parents/guardians are invited to make appointments with the counselors to discuss any concern regarding their child.
    • Library - located in the counseling office, parents/guardians can check out books on various topics related to the teenage years.