uniform options at Scott Carpenter
  • Items Not Permitted
    The following items are not permitted:
    • No headgear of any kind while on campus (hats, bandanas, skull caps, etc).
    • No sunglasses indoors.  
    • Shoes must be on at all times even during recess.  No slippers/ flip flops.
    • No gang related paraphernalia such as; clothing, tattoos, jewelry, hairstyles, shoes, strings or colors will be tolerated.   
    • No suspenders or scarves worn in the building.
    • No pajamas 
    The administration reserves the right to ban any items that interferes with the learning environment and safety of SCMS students and staff. When a student repeatedly violates the dress code we will require the family to provide an additional uniform set that we will store and give to your child whenever they are out of uniform. This will minimize class time lost by the student and maximize their opportunity at their education. Dress code is about your child’s safety first and your family’s simplicity second.  Let’s look at it like school is your child’s job. All jobs come with a minimum dress code that gives them the best chance to succeed in their job.
    Uniform Free Day 
    • Uniform Free Days are a day for students to dress in a way that is not as limited as a typical day. This means students can dress more fashionably, with different color combinations. It is not a casual dress down day or a day to dress in all one color. This is still our place of business and it is to reflect a level of professionalism and decorum. We still do not want sweat clothes/gym clothes such gym shorts or pants, pants with holes, leggings or tights. Inappropriate images or slogans on shirts or clothing that have holes are also not allowed. Additionally shirts should have sleeves and students should have a uniform back up in case they did not meet this expectation and so the family is not inconvenienced to accommodate their oversight.  
  • Uniform Policy

    Success for your child starts with being dressed properly.  An Astronaut has a uniform, without it an astronaut could not do their job properly.  A basketball player has a uniform, without it they don’t get into the game.  A lawyer has a dress code, if they are not in then it reflects poorly on themselves, their client and firm.  At Scott Carpenter your child has a uniform dress code that gives them the best chance at being safe and successful.
    • Plain navy blue, black, grey or white colored polo shirts only.  Shirts must have a collar.  No plain t-shirt.
    • SCMS spirit shirts are permitted (eg WEB t-shirts, school sponsored event shirts, etc.)  SCMS t-shirts may be purchased in the front office for $7.
    • SCMS hoodies only!  Hoodies may be purchased for $22 (or $30 for zip up hoodies) in the front office.
    • Hoodless sweat shirts in Navy Blue or Grey.
    • Jackets/coats are not permitted in the classroom; students must leave them in their lockers.
    • Shirts under uniform need to be solid white, solid grey or solid navy blue 
    • Black, Grey, Tan or Navy Blue Khakis/Jeans only w/ four pockets
    • No holes or fray holes.
    • No sagging or oversized pants/shorts. If shorts are under pants they must be solid white or solid navy blue. No red and no off blue. Students will be asked to wear a belt and parents will be contacted if they continue sagging their pants.
    • No Joggers/Sweat Pants
    • No leggings/tights as pants
    • Shorts with a 5 inch inseam
    • Skirts must be longer than hanging fingertips at side.
    • NO patterns of any kind. Logos, Lycra, Leather, Vinyl, patches or writing, are not allowed.  No long belts or belts with belt buckles that could be seen as gang-wear.
    • IDs are to be worn around the neck on a lanyard.  Lost IDs may be replaced in the front office for a nominal fee of $5.