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Healthy Living, School Funding in Spotlight at Orchard Park Fun Run

On Thursday morning, September 15, Orchard Park Academy will host its first ever Puma Prowl Fun Run, calling attention to the need for students to get healthy while asking the community to support their local school.

The event is being put together by the school’s Parent Teacher Organization with support from the local Starbucks and VASA Fitness.  Through the course of the morning, about 700 students and staff members will be running laps around the school. Students have been gathering sponsor pledges to raise money for various school programs.

“We were looking for a unique way to involve the entire school and focus on two critical issues for our families,” said organizer Donna Stryker. “Exercise is so important for our children’s physical and mental health.  This fun run will also allow us to raise money for important causes that we otherwise couldn’t afford.  We are not a wealthy community with big dollar donors, so we need to find ways to get everyone to chip in.”

As part of its commitment to creating a healthy community, VASA Fitness is providing a yearlong fitness membership for the top six earners. In addition, the student who makes the most donations will be named Principal for a day.

The Fun Run begins at 8:15 with Pre-school and kindergarten students and continues in incremental starts through 10:55 a.m., concluding with 8th grade students.

Orchard Park Academy is located at 7395 Zuni Street in Westminster.