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IB Art Show on Display Until April 5

The Annual International Baccalaureate (IB) Art Show is a culmination of a year and a half of production in which visual art students develop a body of work based on a common theme or issue that they would like to explore in depth. To prepare for this presentation, students spend months researching, practicing techniques, development and reflection. This year, the Art show is on display at Westminster High School (WHS) from March 20 to April 5.

On March 22, the IB Art Show hosted a reception with live music from WHS’s orchestra. This reception invited students’ teachers and families to come together to celebrate all the hard work students put in for this show.

The IB Art Show is a great opportunity for all students who are currently taking an art class to see work that was created from the most advanced art class in WHS. Each art piece in the show is accompanied by a statement that describes the work and the ideas that are being presented.

At the art show, guests will discover many different topics covered that may be hard for some viewers, and although these topics don’t represent the opinions or views of the district, it’s important that students have that venue to express their thoughts, express their research and what their art is about.

Westminster Public Schools policy on teaching about controversial issues states: Controversy is inherent in the democratic way of life. It is essential, therefore, that students have the opportunity, under competent guidance and instruction, to study issues appropriate to their interest, experience, and ability….Students have the right to form and express their own point of view and opinions without jeopardizing their position in the classroom.

Many students who have created are work for the IB Art Show have never taken an art class, “Despite that, I think they’ve made some pretty impressive stuff,” said IB Visual Art teacher, Michelle Music. “Some of them haven’t taken 2D or drawing or painting and they really excel.”

High school students that are interested in taking IB Visual Art but are not part of the IB Diploma program may still take the course for an IB certificate.