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BOE Recognizes 2019 First Quarter Recipients of the FRED Award

Colonel Durnford, Master Sergeant Temple and Jodene Monroe were honored as the third group of recipients of the WPS FRED Award for the 2018-19 school year. The Board of Education recognized them on March 12 at its regular board meeting for going beyond the call of duty in support of our kids and schools.

“Customer service is alive and well and takes on many forms in our district.” Said Mike Lynch, Director of Secondary Education & Professional Development. “This quarter, again, we had multiple nominations for dozens of highly qualified people.”

The FRED Award, which is given out quarterly, is named after a Colorado mailman profiled in the book The Fred Factor written by author Mark Sanborn. The national bestseller explains that “passion in your work and life can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.”

In addition to being recognized at the Board of Education meeting, the recipients received a copy of the book The Fred Factor, a lapel pin and an engraved trophy.

Below are excerpts from their nomination letters:

ROTC FRED Winners Colonel Durnford and Master Sergeant Temple

JROTC at Westminster High School

“After receiving more than 20 nominations from JROTC cadets and my own humble opinion, I felt compelled to nominate these fine gentlemen! Both MSGT Temple and COL. Durnford have every trait of a FRED. They go above and beyond their duties as WHS employees by consistently having a presence inside and outside of our community. They are the first to jump at the chance for the cadets to participate in any event and make us proud every time they do. Not only do they do a wonderful job at events they are fantastic role models for our cadets. As one cadet said, ‘These WPS employees go above and beyond what a normal teacher does and it shows through their actions and the time they put in. They have really made a difference in my life. They teach us leadership while teaching us humility at the same time. I wouldn't be the person I am today without them.’” -Kiffany Kiewiet, principal at Westminster High School

Jodene Monroe Jodene Monroe

Transportation Manager for Westminster Public Schools

“I would like to nominate Jodene Monroe for the Fred Award. This year, the transportation plate had many new items added to it. For our school, the addition of Boys and Girls club and also travelling to Ranum for orchestra seemed like a huge task to add. When you look at it from the view of transportation, it must have been monumental to add those two items all while maintaining field trips, sporting events, academic competitions and other things we may not even know about. The crazy January Monday rush hour blizzard did not knock her down either. We were kept aware of our routes and how late they would be and questions were answered happily. I can call her with serious questions, less important issues or just to check if a student has been scanning their pass. She always gets back to me in the appropriate matter of time and with a positive attitude. When Jodene shows up driving a bus I always smile. I can picture in my head her work piling up in her office as she covers for drivers and she does it with a smile. She cares about what is best for kids, which is why we are all here.” -Lori Rinkoff, office assistant at Mesa Elementary

If you would like to acknowledge a WPS employee who provides excellent customer service, please send a message to to enter your nomination. Continue to read What’s Up WPS for updates and to see future winners.