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CDE Honors WPS for Preparing Students for Life After Graduation

At the April 23, 2019 Board of Education meeting, Robin Russel, the Graduation Guidelines Manager for the Colorado Department of Education presented the District ICAP (Individual Career Academic Plan) Award to Westminster Public Schools for its continuing efforts to prepare students for the all-important "Day after Graduation.”

Sandy Steiner, Post-Secondary and Workforce Readiness Director and her team were selected by last year’s winning district (Colorado Springs D-11). The D-11 team reviewed submissions and programs from school districts across the state, before selecting WPS.

The list of reasons to honor WPS for its ICAP program is a long one:

  • Increased student participation in FAFSA
  • Increased scholarship dollars for students
  • Increased number of students enrolled in concurrent high school and postsecondary education programs
  • Increased graduation rates
  • Decreased college remediation rates
  • Decreased dropout rate

Board of Education ICAP Award 2019 ICAP Award

“The buy-in at all levels of the program is a part of the reason for the success," Russel said.

Russel also applauded WPS for its leadership role in helping other districts develop effective career pathway plans for its students. After a presentation by the WPS team at a state conference in October 2018, 21 other districts requested copies of the information that WPS presented.

The Colorado legislature created ICAP in 2009 and required all districts to develop programs that address the needs of high school students. The WPS Future Center exceeds that expectation by offering information and services to students of all ages.

The district’s, “Dream, Plan, Do” program provides a process to help students prepare for career options after high school graduation.

The program starts in the sixth grade by asking students to “Dream” about what they would like to do as adults. The next step is to “Plan” how to make it happen and the final step is “Do” – go out and make that career dream a reality.