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Note from Superintendent Swanson: May 1, 2019

Dear Westminster Community,

In the world of education, May is an incredibly busy month.

There are graduations, school awards, retirements and celebrations of all kinds; it’s a non-stop month of emotional and rewarding events.

As superintendent, I try to get to as many events as possible and I will see many of you over the coming days. But, since I will not see every one of you during this month, I want to use this space to say thank you to all of the people, both inside and outside the district who contribute to the success of our students.

As I am fond of saying, “nobody in education does it alone.” This busy weekend proves my point.  

On Saturday, our good friends at the Hyland Hills Foundation will be hosting their annual “Putts for a Purpose” event at Adventure Golf. Students from Sunset Ridge, Mesa and Metz Elementary will spend the morning playing putt putt golf with family and friends and then be treated to lunch and a bike give away.

At the same time, volunteers from Comcast will be hard at work giving a facelift to Hidden Lake High School and Colorado STEM Academy. It will be fun to see the look on students’ faces when they come to school Monday morning and see all of the new landscaping and fresh paint.

I also want to acknowledge all of the volunteers who spend time supporting our students through the course of the year. Some help with reading and math, while others provide support on field trips. Still, others work behind the scenes to support our staff. All of them are valued. To show our appreciation, we are hosting our second annual WPS Volunteer Celebration on Wednesday, May 15.

If you tune into our Board of Education meeting next week, you will find out who WPS selected as our Educational Support Professionals of the Year. The list of nominees is an impressive one and a reminder of all the great people working in our district.

Finally, please keep in mind that next week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. I encourage you to share a social media post about a teacher who influenced you and made a difference in your life. Here are a couple of suggested hashtags:



This week’s What's Up WPS profiles Harris Park teacher Jeff Raposa who is one of our Westminster Elks Teachers of the Year.

Please check it out and if you see Jeff give him a big thumbs up.


Kindest regards, 

Dr. Pamela Swanson

Superintendent of Schools