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WHS Students Get Rare Chance to See Supreme Court at Work



Westminster High School students had the unique opportunity to listen to oral arguments in two Colorado Supreme Court cases last week, not in the judge’s chambers, but in the school auditorium.

Thanks to the hard work and planning of teacher Scott Troy, the Colorado Judicial Branch picked WHS to host its Courts in the Community outreach program in which the court picks up its entire operation and moves the proceedings to a Colorado high school.

The program, created in 1986, gives students the opportunity to see the justice system in action and understand how disputes are resolved in a democratic society. The two separate cases involved a DUI dispute and the question of who qualifies as an expert witness and a debate about a high school student’s right to free speech after posting threatening messages on Twitter.

After hearing the arguments, the students then had a chance to question the attorneys about the cases and then later speak with the justices themselves.

The justices calls it their favorite day of the year.