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WHS Teachers Get Valuable ‘On the Job’ Perspective

Westminster High School Career Technical Education (CTE) teachers spent some of their vacation hours out in the working world this past summer so they can better teach their students.

The school’s “teacher externship” program proved to be a valuable tool in making sure that teachers are up to date on industry practices so they can bring the best and latest information to the classroom. The first-ever program for the school paired teaches with employees from some of the leading businesses in the metro area.

The teachers went to locations as varied as the Denver Dumb Friends League, Rocky Mountain Natural Meats, The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), Children’s Hospital and many others.

The companies welcomed the teachers with open arms knowing that potential future employees will be getting valuable information while still in the high school classroom.  “This makes so much sense for everyone involved,” said Lottie Wilson of the WHS Career Technical Education Department.  “Industry changes so fast that it is critical that teachers are aware of the latest ideas and technology.”