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WPS Supports Red Ribbon Campaign with Message, Helicopter Visits

“Send a message, Stay Drug-Free”

Those six words are at the heart of this year’s Red Ribbon Campaign, the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the country.

Westminster Public Schools highlights the campaign for the entire month of October in conjunction with the National Family Partnership and the Westminster Area Community Awareness Action Team (C.A.A.T.).

The campaign includes high profile messages at all the schools and visits from National Guard Army Helicopters at many of the schools. Watch the video below that captures the visit at Mesa Elementary.

C.A.A.T began promoting its anti-drug message in 1981, and after almost 40 years in operation, the organization is still going strong.  At last week’s Board of Education meeting, where the Red Ribbon proclamation was approved by the board, Eleaner Scott thanked the district for its ongoing support.

She also reminded the community that the message is not just for students.

“It’s critically important to educate parents as well,” she said.