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Proposition CC Would Bring Additional $943,000 to WPS

If Colorado voters pass Proposition CC on the November ballot, Westminster Public Schools (WPS) would receive an additional $943,165 in revenues next year, followed by $509,944 the following year and $479,968 the year after that. Those numbers are based on projections by the legislative council staff and are subject to change. Governor Jared Polis’ budget office projects higher revenues.

Because of an expanding economy and tax base, Colorado voters are scheduled to receive a tax refund (between $26 and $90 per taxpayer per year) next spring under changes to the constitution created by the TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights) amendment. Proposition CC asks voters to let Colorado keep the money and distribute one-third of it to transportation, one third to higher education and one third to K-12 education.

Colorado Flag with person putting in their ballot At its Oct. 8 meeting, the WPS Board of Education, while not issuing a formal resolution in support of the measure, encouraged voters to support Proposition CC. The next board of education meeting, when a resolution would be feasible, isn’t scheduled until after the election.

Board member Max Math encouraged voters to do their homework and not to be swayed by misleading advertising campaigns. “Read it, and understand it,” he said. “That’s our job as voters.”

Math and fellow board members agreed that the minimal return taxpayers would receive would be better utilized by pooling the money for high priority state projects.

 “Those dollars could be better spent on education,” said Board Treasurer, Ken Ciancio.  

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