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Dream, Plan, Do Day Showcases Career Opportunities For WHS Students

The day was called “Dream, Plan, Do Day,” named after Westminster High School’s (WHS) Future Center campaign that focuses on getting students ready for the day after graduation. On Nov. 22, WHS students and WPS 8th grade students talked to teachers and career professionals, to get students excited about what they might want to do after high school, or what kind of classes they could take while in high school to get them career or college ready.

Lottie Wilson, Career & Technical Education Administrator sees the path to college or career like a hero’s quest in a movie or video game.

“The hero of the story comes to the final castle and the destination is across the way and they can’t figure out how to get there,” said Wilson. “That’s the ‘Dream’ of how to get there, and all of a sudden these stones start to appear and they can see the path of how to get there, and that’s the ‘Plan’, and then the ‘Do’ is that action of getting over there and getting that prize or that treasure they are looking for.” 

WHS students weren’t the only ones that got the opportunity to think about their future. Following a morning of taking the PSAT, eighth graders from all three of the district’s middle schools, poured into the WHS gymnasium for an afternoon of exploring the many opportunities and clubs and activities that WHS has to offer.

Everything from band, to JROTC, to Biomedical Science to culinary classes were on display. “Our goal is to get kids excited about all that WHS has to offer, and although WHS is a big building, we want to show the eighth graders that we are a family and that they can be comfortable in the building, while still preparing them for the day after graduation,” said Wilson.