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WPS to Stream All of Its TV Programming

As part of a decision that will save the district an estimated $30,000 in costs, Westminster Public Schools is no longer broadcasting content on the Comcast public access channel 54. Instead, all live and taped programming videos can be accessed online.WPS TV logo

In December, WPS notified Comcast that rather than invest the significant dollars required to upgrade all of its programming to a high definition signal, the district would instead utilize the online streaming platforms that the district can utilize for a fraction of the cost. As part of Comcast’s long-standing franchise agreement with the city of Westminster, Comcast had supplied WPS with a free PEG (Public, Educational and Governmental) access channel, but new FCC requirements for a high definition signal would have required WPS to pay for the upgrades.

“While we appreciated the opportunity to use the Comcast public access channel for all these years, it just didn’t make sense to pay for the upgrades, at a time when viewers can watch our programming online for free,” said Steve Saunders, Chief Communications Officer for the district. “Viewers will still be able to watch our Board of Education meetings and other live events and also access our video archives.”

WPS will continue to have access to Community PEG programming and will occasionally share unique programming when it becomes available.

The WPS-TV link can be found here.