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Hodgkins Gathers Quarters for Koalas

Australia is a long way from Hodgkins Leadership Academy, but the devastating bushfires that have killed as many as a billion animals are on the minds of students who have found a way to help.

Led by the school’s student council and with the help of teacher Kathy Zook, the students launched a “Quarters for Koala” campaign to raise money to help the animals. Collection boxes have been placed in classrooms and around the building.

The student’s shared the details of their project with the Board of Education during their meeting and board members, along with people in the audience dug deep to support the project.

In addition, CBS4 reported on the project resulting in a local businessperson donating $100.00 to the cause.

“A bunch of people in our class are starting to take charge of this,” Chaz Trujillo told reporter Jamie Leary. “It’s the whole school (that’s been impacted). When we presented Quarters for Koalas we had girls and boys in rooms crying. Balling their eyes out.”

In Australia, Lisa Preston, a student who attended the old Josephine Hodgkins Junior High School learned of the project and wrote a note to Principal Amber Swieckowski. “This is fantastic - thank you,” she wrote.

Board of Education with Quarters for Koalas students