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Scott Carpenter Unveils New Name, More Details About Fall Opening

Colorado Sports Leadership Academy

The Colorado Sports Leadership Academy (CSLA) will be the home of the Goats when it opens its doors in the fall of 2020 as a K-8 school on the site of Scott Carpenter Middle School.

You can take that name two ways:

The name is a nod to history and the nearby Goat Hill neighborhood and also an acronym describing the future - Greatest Of All Time.

CSLA is a unique educational opportunity for students across the region who want a solid foundational education while also learning more about possible careers in a sports-related industry.

Under the leadership of Principal Camile Carlson, the school will offer students an introductory look at careers as diverse as physical therapy, nutrition and sports medicine to broadcast and print journalism, marketing, business and statistics.  

These areas of interest can be fully explored at Westminster High School through classroom and internship opportunities.

The CSLA culture also embraces the lessons and values learned from individual and team sports like perseverance, cooperation and personal integrity.

WPS has created a video that describes what the new school will offer to the community.