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Student Art Displayed Online for Annual WPS District Art Show

WPS Virtual Art Show 2020

From school days to family gatherings, everything seems to be taking place in a virtual, online, world these days, and the Annual Westminster Public Schools (WPS) District Art Show is no different. Instead of lining the halls of Westminster High School, student artwork has been uploaded online for all to see and enjoy virtually!

“We are using a new virtual format that showcases our student artists across all of our district schools to a potentially wider audience,” says Justin Davis, Creative Arts Coordinator for WPS. “Any time we get to celebrate the artistic works of our students in new and innovative ways, and possibly reach larger audiences as a result, is a truly great and unprecedented opportunity.”

For 18 years, WPS has been showcasing student artwork from every grade level, and when COVID-19 closed the physical school buildings, art teachers across the district knew they still needed a way to showcase their students’ talents. “The art teachers put together a team to find a way to continue celebrating our creative visual arts students virtually,” says Laura Steward, art teacher at Westminster High School. “Putting student artwork online makes it more accessible to communities far and wide to enjoy and appreciate our student’s creative skills. While we’ll miss the interactions and celebrations of a traditional opening reception, where students bring their families to mingle with their art teachers and talk about their art, we are so excited to get to share the first-ever WPS Virtual Art Show with the public, and for our students to know that they are loved and their artwork honored.”

Click here to view the WPS Virtual Art Show.