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Note from Superintendent Swanson: May 14, 2020

Dear Westminster Public Schools Community,

If there was ever a time to need a crystal ball, this is it!

I so wish I could tell you what the return to school will look like in the fall, but at this point, we really don’t know. There are just too many questions that we don’t yet have answers to.

Among them: How many students should be allowed in a classroom at one time? How are students fed and transported? How do we protect teachers, especially those considered at risk? What happens if COVID-19 surges with the return of cold weather? How do we provide child care for working parents? And so many more.

The list is a long one and seems to grow every day.

To make the right decisions we need input from doctors, educators, political leaders, economists and from YOU.

This week we are putting out a short survey to parents, staff and community members to try and gauge just how people are feeling during these uncertain times. The survey will help us identify general preferences, and we have also included an open-ended question for you to submit thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

In the weeks ahead we will be reaching out to you with at least one other detailed survey to ask you questions about Anytime/Anywhere Learning and how we can make it better. As you know, WPS is always about continuous improvement and that means being open to constructive criticism and advice.

I am so very proud of how we have responded to this crisis, both in terms of online education and support for families who are struggling economically and emotionally.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding as we take on this challenge.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Pamela Swanson

Superintendent of Schools