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CSLA Logo is Greatest of All Time

Colorado Sports Leadership Academy

The Colorado Sports Leadership Academy’s new logo has a distinctive look with a dual meaning.

The goat in the CSLA logo is a nod to the nearby Goat Hill neighborhood on the south side of the school district and also the sports acronym for G.O.A.T., Greatest of All Time.

The Colorado Sports Leadership Academy will open next school year as a unique school providing a solid foundational education for students of all backgrounds while given students an initial exposure to possible careers in a sports-related industry.

The career pathways can range from physical therapy, nutrition and sports medicine to broadcast and print journalism, marketing, business and statistics. These areas of interest can be fully explored at Westminster High School through classroom and internship opportunities.

The CSLA culture also embraces the lessons and values learned from individual and team sports like perseverance, cooperation and personal integrity.

Major renovation work is underway at the building this summer to accommodate the younger students coming to the school, many of them from F.M. Day Elementary which will open next year as an early learning center for infants and toddlers.

More information about CSLA and a video describing the school can be found here.