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Colorado Public Radio Continues its Look Inside a WPS Classroom

Hodgkins students outside for lunch

“I want to go back to my old life.”

That quote from a student in Renae Sutton’s Level 3 class at Josephine Hodgkins Leadership Academy speaks for pretty much everybody as we struggle through the COVID-19 pandemic.  Colorado Public Radio (CPR) reporter Jenny Brundin interviewed the student as part of her ongoing look at life inside Classroom 132.

WPS is giving Brundin unique access to the classroom to report on how students and staff are responding to the COVID-19.

Parts three and four of her series aired this week on CPR.

Included in the reports are a look at how students are learning to share playground space and reaction to the news that their teacher is leaving for four weeks to take care of her daughter.

What’s Up WPS will continue to share the CPR stories as they are produced.