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Families to Receive Fresh Food, Restaurant Gift Cards

Help is coming to WPS families and local restaurants impacted by COVID-19 as part of a unique program running every Wednesday night at the City Park Recreation Center.

The Drive-Thru Market Night provides fresh food boxes and $35 restaurant gift cards to 600 families a week now through December. The City of Westminster is sponsoring the program and the Senior Hub is helping to coordinate the giveaway. 

“There are two wins here,” said Greg Moss with the Westminster Innovation and Communication Division. “One win is for the people who may be having a tough time putting food on the table and another win is for the local restaurants.”

The City of Westminster purchased the gift cards to support the local restaurants and is placing one card in each food box. Many restaurants and their employees have struggled through the pandemic and it is hoped the Drive-Thru Market Night will provide additional support to the entire community. 

The food boxes also give families healthy food choices Fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy products are included with the supplies.

For more information, call 303-706-FOOD (3663).


Drive-Thru Market Night poster Drive-Thru Market Night Spanish poster