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BOE Supports Amendment B to Get Rid of Gallagher Amendment

WPS Board of Education and Dr. Swanson

With a unanimous vote, the Westminster Public Schools Board of Education threw its support behind Amendment B on the November ballot to repeal the Gallagher Act and readjust the ratio between residential and business property taxes. The repeal would provide more money for public education and local agencies.

The Gallagher Amendment was passed in 1982 and is part of a complex state funding formula that critics say prevents equitable funding across Colorado communities. If passed, the legislature would freeze current property tax rates and stabilize the funding base for school districts, fire departments, libraries and other local funding operations.

According to Colorado Public Radio:

“The repeal effort has unprecedented bipartisan support. It was put on the ballots by Democrats and Republicans in the state legislature, who say that repeal will shore up government revenues at a time when the state’s finances are reeling.”

The Blue Book analysis of Amendment B with both pros and cons of the measure can be found here.