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Voters Approve 2 Measures That Will Boost Ed Funding

Colorado voters supported two items on the 2020 ballot endorsed by the WPS Board of Education that will bring new funding streams to public education.2020 Election

Proposition EE increases taxes on vaping and tobacco products with money going to universal preschool programs, public schools and vaping cessation and education programs.

It’s estimated that Proposition EE will provide $2 billion over ten years to support the various proposals.

In supporting Proposition EE in its resolution, board member Ken Ciancio said passage of the measure will help WPS families. “We know the earlier we get these kiddos the better,” he said. “We can educate them and we know they stay in the system longer.”

Amendment B, the repeal of the Gallagher Amendment was also approved by Colorado voters. The change will readjust the ratio between residential and business property taxes and provide more local funding for school districts, fire departments, libraries and other local funding operations.

Democrat Karla Esser was elected to the Colorado State Board of Education to represent Congressional District 7 on the state board. Esser replaces Democrat Jane Goff who was term-limited. The state board sets education policy for schools across the state, including the controversial issues of state testing and accreditation.