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Emotional Support for Students and Staff is More Important than Ever

For many years health experts and psychologists have warned of the “Holiday Blues,” a time when some people don’t feel joy or happiness during the season, but instead, become depressed and anxious. The concern is not new, but many feel the COVID-19 pandemic will only make it worse.

The good news, there is help.

Melisa Sandoval, Director of Social and Emotional Learning and Student Agency shared some advice with employees last week during a virtual meeting with the entire WPS staff. She also shared tips on how educators can support their students, especially during this stretch of remote learning when children often feel isolated.

Ironically, Sandoval’s department was created last year before anyone had even heard of COVID-19. Social-Emotional learning helps individuals to better understand their own thinking patterns and have an awareness of the best way to connect with others.

You can see her short presentation to the staff above.

Sandoval stressed that it is important for educators to make sure they take care of their own physical and emotional needs and not think of just others. She also said it’s important for people to express their emotions and not bottle up their emotions.

The district offers several resource web pages for staff and families:

If you are stressed and need immediate relief, check out the WPS Virtual Calming Room.