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School District Surveys Parents, Staff about adding School Days to Summer Calendar

Should Westminster Public Schools add 12 days to the school calendar during late May and early June to make up for learning loss during the COVID-19 pandemic?

District leadership is putting that question before staff members and parents as WPS tries to figure out the best way to support students and their families. No decisions have been made and there are many factors to consider.

It’s believed that federal funding may be available to support the extra learning days, which would extend the school year to Friday, June 11. Under the proposal, students and staff would still have Memorial Day, Monday, May 31 off.

“In spite of our best efforts, we know that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, learning for most of our children suffered a setback in 2020. While students made progress, it was not the kind of growth that we would normally see in the course of a school year,” Superintendent Pam Swanson told parents in a video message to the community earlier this week. “During our upcoming parent-teacher conferences, your child’s teacher will provide details about how the pandemic affected your child and I encourage you to ask a lot of questions.”

As Dr. Swanson said, there is no perfect answer.

Many parents want their children to make up for lost learning, while others feel their children need a break from school.

Teachers also have mixed opinions. Some have other commitments during the time period and others say they need the time off to be fresh and ready to go when classes start, most likely, on August 16.

What’s Up WPS will keep you posted.