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Colorado Public Radio Provides Another Look Inside Room 132

hodgkins room 132

Hodgkins Leadership Academy teacher Renea Sutton’s classroom was back in the spotlight as Colorado Public Radio visited her classroom one more time to wrap up its series of stories on learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reporter Jenny Brundin, with a camera and tape recorder in hand, spent hours with students beginning last fall and continuing into the spring. She got to know the students on a first-name basis as they opened up to her about their life experiences and the impact the pandemic had on their lives.

The final part of the series, Back In School, The Students Of Room 132 Grow Up As The Adults Try To Understand What They’ve Lost can be heard here.

Sutton admits she was initially a little apprehensive about allowing an outside reporter unlimited access to her classroom but says it was, “a very positive experience.” She added, “The kids really enjoyed it and it allowed me to be somewhat reflective about my work when I was answering the questions.”

Hodgkins kids in cafeteria