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BOE Calls for Undocumented Students to be Allowed Access to Professional Licenses

WPS Board of Education with Pam

The Westminster Public Schools Board of Education sent a strong message of support for undocumented WPS students who are pursuing careers that require professional licenses.

It’s a critical issue for those who want to pursue post-secondary careers in jobs like child health care. Currently, undocumented students could take all of the required courses and prove they have all of the necessary skills for the job, but still not be able to get a “professional license”.

At last week’s board meeting, members unanimously passed a resolution supporting a change to state law. According to the resolution, the current law prevents undocumented immigrants from fully participating in the economy and does not allow them to fully contribute to their community and support their families.  

Senate Bill 21-199 would also allow undocumented immigrants to have access to state and local benefits including loans, grants, contracts, food and housing assistance, energy assistance and more.

Importantly, the district resolution calls for a withdrawal of all anti-immigrant laws and legislation and restates district policy to not collect or maintain any information about a student or family's immigration status.

Click here to read the resolution