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Westminster High School’s Kate Albyn Named a 2021 Teacher of the Year

Kate Albyn, a Special Education Specialist at Westminster High School (WHS) was selected as one of three educators in Westminster Public Schools who were honored as 2021 Westminster Elks Teachers of the Year honor. When Albyn was in high school, she enjoyed her time babysitting children and often found herself editing her classmates’ English papers. It was then that she decided she would like to be an English teacher. While at Boston College pursuing that dream, Albyn made the realization that she wanted to work with students with special needs. We visited her in one of her classrooms with both traditional and special needs students who were eager to learn.

Albyn was nominated by Janet Chrisbens, Assistant Principal at WHS. While this is only Albyn’s third year teaching, several people at the school have noted that she’s already taken a leadership role.

Watch the video above to get a closer look at Albyn’s teaching styles and hear about some of the biggest lessons she’s learned while working through a pandemic.

Stay tuned for future What’s Up WPS newsletters as we profile our other Teachers of the Year.