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Masks Required for all Indoor Activities in WPS

covid-19 information

As part of its strategy to keep people safe and maximize in-person learning opportunities, Westminster Public Schools notified families on Friday, July 30 that masks will be required for everyone inside school buildings until further notice.

News of the decision, sent to parents by email and posted on websites and social media platforms met with very little resistance from members of the community.

“The health and safety of the community is our highest priority and we believe these important steps will help us achieve that goal. These guidelines will help us maintain uninterrupted in-person learning opportunities for our students, which we know is critically important.

We are hopeful that COVID-19 restrictions can be relaxed as more people become vaccinated and infection rates begin moving in the right direction. The sooner we get COVID-19 under control the sooner we can return to normal.”

The details, which are subject to change, are posted at and shared below.

  • All students, staff and teachers will be required to wear masks when indoors. The district has a stockpile of masks available for those who need them.
  • Per Federal Government Regulations, masks will be required at all times on school buses.
  • Vaccinations are recommended for all students and staff who are eligible to receive them.
  • It will be important for everyone to be vigilant about their health and possible symptoms. Anyone who is sick should stay home and if they have COVID-19-like symptoms. Anyone who has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 should get tested.
  • People who test positive for COVID-19 should not attend school for 10 days.

Health officials are now recommending that people who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 receive a booster shot eight months after the initial vaccination. WPS helped arrange initial shots for many staff members and will share information as it becomes available.

It’s possible a COVID-19 vaccine will be made available for children under 12 years of age by the end of the year. WPS will share information and vaccination details as they become available.