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Chief Education Officer Named one of Top Education Visionaries

dr. grenham with his family

Dr. Oliver Grenham, Chief Education Officer for Westminster Public Schools, and one of the most respected experts in the implementation of Competency Based Education has been named one of the top 100 Visionaries in Education by the (GFEL) Global Forum for Education and Learning.

GFEL is an internationally recognized organization that brings together educators, innovators and thought leaders with a focus on solving complex education challenges. The honor was presented to Grenham this summer at a conference in Las Vegas and last week the Board of Education formally recognized him for his accomplishments.

Grenham has been a chief architect of the district’s Competency Based System (CBS) that advances students through their learning levels only after they have mastered a topic. The emphasis is on learning and not-seat time and standardized testing. Grenham has advised educators across the country on the value of CBS and how to bring it into a school system.

Grenham also helped draft and pass legislation in the Colorado Legislature earlier this year that requires an audit of the state’s accountability system. The audit, which is required to be finished by the fall of 2022 will determine which parts of the state system are working and what programs need to be removed or replaced. 

State Rep. Shannon Bird, of Westminster, co-sponsored the measure.