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CBS Summit Brings Educators to Westminster

More than 200 teachers, principals and other education leaders from around the country are coming to Westminster this week to learn more about Competency Based Education and why they should consider it for their classrooms.

The 2021 WPS Summit “Surviving the Extremes” will be held at the Denver Marriott Westminster October 6-8.  During Thursday’s session, educators will visit several district schools to view the district’s Competency Based System (CBS) in action and talk with both teachers and students.

Westminster Public Schools is the largest school district in the country to be entirely competency-based, where traditional grades are eliminated and students move to the next learning level only after showing mastery of a learning topic.  CBS allows students to take more time to fully learn a topic, when necessary, or advance more quickly if appropriate.

The summit was postponed last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think people should consider coming to the summit if they want to figure out how to take the guesswork out of education and make it clear to the student what they are there to do every day which is really work for themselves and their future,” said Chief Education Officer Oliver Grenham.

In addition, to break out sessions focusing on various aspects of CBS, the summit also features three keynote speakers:

  • Dr. Mark Elgart, President & CEO of Cognia, Inc.
    • Leadership for the Knowledge Revolution
  • Dr. Robert J. Marzano, CEO of Marzano Academies
    • What are the indicators that a Competency Based System is working?
  • Dr. Scott McLeod, Associate Professor; Founding Director, CASTLE at C.U. Denver
    • Instructional design and the intersection of CBE with 'deeper learning'

More details about the summit can be found here.