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Teacher Who Lost Everything in Marshall Fire Says ‘Thank You’ to WPS Community

"My heart is overflowing with love and hopefulness filled by the kindness shown to me by the WPS community."

Even after losing all of her worldly possessions, teacher Kelly Biala is filled with gratitude and she wants her coworkers to know it.

Kelly, who is a teacher of Culturally Linguistic and Diverse Education at Colorado Sports Leadership Academy, was at home in Superior working on a New Year’s Resolution project for her students when she and her family first smelled smoke. Kelly, her husband Allen and two boys evacuated their home in just nine minutes. In the back of her mind, she must have thought the fire would be contained and the evacuation would be temporary because she even took a super quick shower before fleeing.

Kelly and her family are now living in a hotel and working with the insurance company to document their losses.  In spite of everything she has been through she has found perspective. "What I DO FEEL is an overwhelming love in my heart for all of you...the messages, the calls, the donations, the prayers, and the positive vibes...I feel them all. And I heart you."

In addition to the donations, the district has given Kelly paid time off to get her life back together.

"WPS has given me the greatest gift...the gift of time," She wrote. "Time to be with my family, comfort my children and grieve the loss of our home. I've been gifted this time to process my trauma without the stress of immediately returning to work. This time has been the greatest blessing."