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Join us at the Annual Retirement Celebration May 17

With 21 employees retiring this year, it's hard to believe they have cumulatively served over 500 years in Westminster Public Schools. Help us recognize their commitment to our students and families by celebrating their careers at the annual Retirement Celebration.

This year’s event is scheduled for May 17 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Westminster High School café. Chartwells will cater the evening and we’ll hear from the high school’s Jazz Band as guests enter. Each retiree will receive a personalized scrapbook, crystal globe and flowers designed by the high school’s horticulture department. All are invited to attend to wish their colleagues and peers well in their retirement.

Below is a list of those who have notified us of their plans and will be honored at the annual Retirement Celebration:

  • Oliver Grenham, Chief Education Officer
  • Kathy Wiemer, Director of Human Resources
  • Bill Maestas, Bus Driver
  • Juanita Padilla, Building Aide
  • Gary McKee, HVAC
  • Christel Burns, Office Assistant
  • Susan St. Germain, Librarian
  • Sherry Koller, Preschool Assistant
  • Jackie Peterson, Administrative Assistant
  • Sandy Steiner, Director, Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness
  • Dawala Dorjee, CLD Teacher
  • Shannon Willy, Principal
  • Pam Barreras, Culinary Services
  • Kelly Mitchell, Discovery Teacher
  • Wendy Piburn, Math Teacher
  • Brenda Sandoval, Classroom Teacher
  • Karin Fowler, Librarian
  • Debbie Freiberg, Principal's Secretary
  • Lorraine Villalva, Community Engagement Specialist
  • Master Sergeant Dean Temple, Aerospace Science Instructor
  • Larry Lopez, Special Education Instructional Assistant
Retirement Celebration