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Westminster Public Schools Now Have Access to Design Software Canva

Students and staff in Westminster Public Schools now have free access to design software called Canva that will allow them to choose from thousands of templates to produce amazing high-quality projects.

The Communications Department worked with Canva to provide access to their Educational Platform that allows users to build graphics with video, sound and photographs in a user-friendly program.

Teachers will be able to create lesson plans, schedules, worksheets and interactive presentations. They can even assign and accept projects from individual students, create work groups and even collaborate across subjects and schools to share resources and ideas. Canva can also make communicating with parents and the community at large an easier task by scheduling and automating posts and announcements to publish directly to social media platforms.

Some students have already begun using this program to complete assignments and encourage community engagement- from student council to softball tryouts. For them, having access to this material at an earlier stage in their academic career will encourage more creativity in how they think about solving problems and presenting solutions. It will also allow them to use the same tools that students in college and beyond are already using.

WHS student Jacqneline Hielo Lopez is planning to use Canva to help support her entrepreneurial aspirations, but she has also used it to incorporate a more professional look for a project she completed with Metropolitan State University involving Early Childhood Education. She knew that when completing work at the university level, she needed to bring her A-game, which Canva allowed her to do.

There are hundreds of simple to follow tutorials for educators and students alike, and we are excited to see what new collaborations arise from this exciting opportunity!

If you are a Westminster Public Schools student, simply go to and login with your email address and district password to get linked into the Canva Educational account automatically.

If you are a teacher or administrator with WPS, you will be receiving detailed instructions shortly.

If you have any trouble or questions, please contact