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Flynn Kindness Video Sends a Powerful Message

This two-minute video has just nine actors and was shot in one long take.

The message is something everyone can connect with, and the hope is that students, staff, and the community will practice what the video teaches: KINDNESS

One of the core beliefs at John E Flynn A Marzano Academy is that kindness matters and the only way to build a successful school is to create a climate where people help one another. Flynn is a “Rachel’s Challenge” school built around the values of high school student Rachel Scott who was killed in the Columbine High School shooting.

Seth Abbott’s level 8 class created the video and says the reaction throughout the school was positive. The video was created by Level 8 teacher Seth Abbott and his students, who had to choreograph all the action so it would flow seamlessly in one take.

“The hardest part was having the two boys at the end of the video decide which one was going to be able to show off their strong muscles and carry the other down the hallway, “Abbot said. “These are our eighth-grade students, and they’re good role models for the rest of the school.”