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Board of Education Gets ‘Hands On’ zSpace Experience

Like everyone else who put on a pair of zSpace glasses and watched amazing 3-D images appear before their eyes, the five WPS Board of Education members were blown away by the experience.

You must see it to believe it!

zSpace is an inventive software program that uses 21st-century technology to allow users to manipulate objects in a virtual reality world. For example, students can dissect body parts as complex as a heart or brain.

What’s Up WPS profiled the technology when it was first used at Shaw Heights Middle School, now that it is being rolled out at other schools, including Westminster High School, administrators decided to bring board members into the classroom to experience it first-hand. After the November 8 board meeting, they visited Fred Martin’s science classroom.

“zSpace enhances what teachers already do,” Martin explained to them. He added that technology allows a deeper understanding of human anatomy and how the body works.

District leaders invested in the technology before the arrival of COVID-19, but the rollout was delayed because of the pandemic.