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Gifted Education Students Learn Outside the Classroom

About 100 students in the district’s PEDAL (Programming for Every Driven and Accelerated Learner) Program got a chance to learn outside the classroom over the last couple of weeks thanks to two field trips to amazing locations.

On Tuesday, February 21st students in the K-5 PEDAL program visited the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History in Boulder.  Among the highlights, students engaged in guided, hands-on workshops to observe fossils and understand many clues about our past. Learners used real-world tools to excavate fossils and view the "Hit the Bricks" exhibit that depicts life on campus made with 1 million LEGO bricks.

On Thursday, March 2nd, Middle School PEDAL students took a field trip to the famous Denver Botanic Gardens filled with plants from around the world.  It also reflects the connection between cultures and their gardens.

“I love the PEDAL Field Trips because the students appreciate being challenged and learning outside the classroom,” said Jenn Rizzo, PEDAL Coordinator of the Gifted and Talented Department.  “Students are already thinking about next year.”

What makes the field trips even more special is that PEDAL families are included in the field trips. It is truly a family experience celebrating and sharing the joy of learning.  “Students are so proud to be in the program and it’s such a great opportunity to build relationships between these families and students,” said Rizzo.

Denver Botanic Gardens

University of Colorado, Boulder