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‘PASS’ Parents Graduate from Marzano Academy

High school students aren’t the only ones flipping the tassels on their graduation caps this season.

Twenty-three parents from John E. A Marzano Academy received their diplomas on May 4 after completing the PASS (Parent Academy for Student Success) program. It’s an innovative 9-week course that teaches parents to become better advocates for their children. Since Westminster Public Schools embraced the program in the spring of 2017, about 700 parents have received their diplomas.

Board of Education member Christine Martinez helped the families celebrate, along with school principal Justin Adcock and PASS Coordinator Claudia Glascock. Martinez thanked parents, "for taking time out of your busy schedules to put your kids first. Believe me– they feel it, we all feel it.”

Before diplomas were handed out, several parents spoke, often emotionally, about how PASS has changed their lives and opened new opportunities for their children.

“I fell through the cracks of the education system,” said parent Denise McGrath, who struggled in school because of undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder. McGrath feared she wouldn’t be able to support her children in school, but through PASS she learned how to help them. “During the first class I learned about PASS and all it had to offer. I was moved to tears.”