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Student Spotlight: Luz Campos Sanchez

 Smiling girl with brown hair and pink shirt

Luz Campos Sanchez 

Tennyson Knolls Prep  |  Level 6 Student

Student Highlight:  Luz Campos Sanchez is a strong leader and advocate for positive school culture at Tennyson Knolls Prep. TK Prep principal, Ms. Mojden, said “I have watched Luz grow from a quiet student who seemed afraid to take chances into a student who is a school leader and role-model.” Luz loves to welcome new students to the school and support staff, students, and teachers with kindness.

Favorite Snack:  Hot Cheetos

Favorite thing to do: I like to hang out with my best friend and play games and just have fun together.

My favorite animal: A Corgi dog

Best School memory:  When the outdoor nature people came to school, and I got to touch the feathers of the birds.

If I could make the world a better place in one way (Super Hero Impact): It would be by helping to make sure that no one is homeless.

The teacher who has inspired me the most:  Mrs. Corneau because she has encouraged me to not be so quiet and to talk to new people and use my voice to make friends and help others. She helps me know that I am important and have value and am a strong person. She has helped me with my English so I know more words to help others.