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Students Spend the Day Supporting a Great Cause

On a Saturday morning in early August when most students were still sleeping and not yet thinking about school, students from Westminster High School’s (WHS) Marching Band spent the day volunteering for an amazing cause. They traveled  to the University of Denver to move and organize donated musical instruments for a Denver nonprofit called, Bringing Music to Life. The organization  collects, repairs and donates hundreds of instruments to music programs in schools throughout Colorado.

While some of the instruments end up at WPS most are distributed throughout the metro area. It was a lot of work, but students say it was worth it.  “It was cool to see all the instruments these schools were getting. It was really a fun day,” said Ashley, a junior at WHS. 

When the Bringing Music to Life program called to look for volunteers, Dr. Justin Davis, the WPS Creative Arts Pipeline Coordinator, jumped at the opportunity to get Westy musicians involved. “Programs like Bringing Music to Life are vital to the longevity of the arts, helping every school and every student to be able to have access to instruments and music programs,” said Davis.

Click here to read more about Bringing Music to Life from their founder, Steve Blatt, and watch the video above to see and hear from the high school students who volunteered.